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The Roaring Girl

28 Oct - 31 Oct 2015 A play about cross dressing, cross parents and crossed wires, The Roaring Girl combines bawdy comedy and biting satire.
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Julius Ceasar

24 Feb - 27 Feb 2016 In this cat and mouse game of politics and murder, who knows who really has the upper hand?
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11 May - 14 May 2016 Priesthunters and informers, spies and traitors, secrets and lies. All for the greater good of the Nation.
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Apocalypse The Musical

15 Jun - 18 Jun 2016 A romp through the surreal and the sublime as God and Satan prepare for the End.
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Improv Workshop

06 Sep 2016 Network Theatre run a programme of regular workshops.  Our Improvisation workshops take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  It is a fun group of mixed experience.  Everyone is welcome. The workshops are free for members and a contribution of £5 for guests/non-members.
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Play in 24 Hours (2016)

23 Sep - 24 Sep 2016 Two years ago we had the Spice Girls and Ben Hur the Musical, who knows what this year will bring? Once again, we've set ourselves the exciting challenge of writing and producing a play in 24 hours. And it needs you!
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Her Naked Skin

19 Oct - 22 Oct 2016 After years of petitioning for the vote, Suffragette militancy is at its height. Against this backdrop, a love affair develops between a noble lady who feels trapped by both the conventions of the day and the shackles of a frustrating marriage, and a young, working class seamstress.
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Another Christmas Carol

07 Dec - 10 Dec 2016 Ellie Marchland is rich and successful corporate lawyer. When working late, she receives a visit from the spirit of her Great Great Grandfather — one Ebenezer Scrooge.
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Tech Workshop

18 Dec 2016 Come and find out more about the technical aspects of putting on a production. Do you want to know what the stage manager does, or how the lights and sounds are operated. Then come along to find out. More details coming soon.
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Bloody Mary: In Service to the True God

08 Feb - 12 Feb 2017 Rape, burnings, beheadings and religious persecution run rife as England's first Queen Regnant, newly reunited with a politicised Pope, tries to untangle service to God from service to the self.


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