London's Secret Community Theatre 246a Lower Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SJ

Network Theatre Company presents:

Work Makes You Free

By Michael Ross, directed by James McKendrick

Adam is absolutely loving being Employment Minister, singer-songwriter Kirsty cries in the shower every morning before heading off to work at the Job Centre, struggling actress Willow must toil unpaid in a pound shop or lose her benefits, and banker Jane is disgusted by the sight of closed curtains as she leaves for Canary Wharf every morning.

Michael Ross’s biting satire delivers a piece very much for our times, reflecting on the dignity – and many indignities – of labour.  It explores how some people are defined by their job, whilst for others it’s the main obstacle to becoming who they truly are. It is a funny, smart and ingenious examination of what work means in Twenty-First Century Britain.

An amateur production in arrangement with Nick Quinn, The Agency (London) Ltd

Show dates

21st February 2018, 1945hrs.
22nd February 2018, 1945hrs.
23rd February 2018, 1945hrs.
24th February 2018, 1945hrs.
25th February 2018, 1515hrs.
25th February 2018, 1945hrs.


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Nick StaffordAdam
Emily BatesJane
Harriet SnellKirsty
Laura PietersWillow


Rachel BothamleyProducer